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Register of Qualified Memorial Fixers City and Guilds (RQMF)

The Register will support Burial Authorities to ensure compliance with memorial fixing requirements to BS8415 (NAMM CoWP).

This will be achieved by utilising a Nationally Recognised Qualification ‘City and Guilds’ and use qualified C&G Trainers and Assessors to ensure all registered fixers are aware of their legal responsibilities and are appropriately qualified.

The National Association of Memorial Masons will administer and maintain the RQMF register of memorial masonry businesses and qualified memorial erectors/fixers for the erection/fixing of memorials. The register will be administered separately from NAMM as a Trade Association and will be governed by an Administration Committee and an Overseeing Body to ensure transparency and equal treatment for all who register.

The register is open to both NAMM and non-NAMM members as long as they can provide the required entry criteria. See Memorial Fixer Qualification Requirements

Criteria for registration for the memorial business:

  • Risk Assessment for work in Burial Grounds
  • £5m public liability insurance and £10m employers liability insurance and if appropriate/Company insurance.
  • Health and Safety Policy for business employing more than 5 employees.
  • An undertaking to supply a Certificate of Compliance for each memorial installed
  • At least one registered fixer shall be employed or listed by the business.

A Registration Certificate will be issued to the business on successful completion of their application bearing the business registration number.

The business registration will be renewed annually on receipt of the current required documents and the fee. A business Certificate will be issued annually.

Criteria for registration for memorial fixers:

  • Risk Assessment for work in Burial Grounds
  • Non-NAMM RQMF fixers will supply when requested; a Certificate of Compliance to the BS 8415 (NAMM CoWP)
  • NAMM members will supply a minimum 10 year guarantee which includes compliance to the BS 8415 (NAMM CoWP) – as they are required to do as part of their NAMM membership.
  • Self Employed fixers will supply their own £5m public liability insurance

A registration card will be issued bearing the name and photograph of the erector/fixer, their registration number, qualifications and the name and address of the business by which they are employed.

A new card will be issued on receipt of the fee for fixer registration. If the card is lost or stolen or further qualifications are to be added, the card will be replaced at a cost.

The memorial business registration and the memorial erector/fixer are both subject to the Disciplinary Procedure in order to maintain standards in the erection/fixing of memorials.

It should be clearly understood that the business is responsible for the erection/fixing of a memorial to the NAMM CoWP. It is the business that issues the Certificate of Compliance and provides the Employee and Public Liability insurances. It is the business that enters into a contract with the customer.
The person employed, trained and qualified to erect/fix memorials may leave the employment of any business but the responsibility will remain with the business. Therefore, if there is cause for concern regarding the erection/fixing of a memorial by a Burial Authority and any action that is to be taken, the business must be contacted by the Burial Authority and/or the Registrar of the Registration Scheme and involved in all proceedings.

It is the ultimate responsibility of the business to deal with their employee if there is a problem caused by that employee for the business. A memorial mason who is a sole trader and therefore undertakes the provision as well as erection/fixing of a memorial as well as the administration of his business is deemed to be the business.

The RQMF will appoint a Registrar. This person will have day-to-day responsibility for the management and administration of the Register.

The Registrar will ensure:

Processing applications

  1. Application received and logged.
  2. Set up file sheet – check application form(s) completed and that attachments are present and that all appropriate documents are enclosed and signed.
  3. Enter data onto internal document log.
  4. Enter data onto website (if not already present) including insurance expiry dates.
  5. Pass application to accounts for invoicing and/or clearing payment.
  6. Once completed issue Business Certificate and Fixer badge(s) if applicable.
  7. Send letter of approval.
  8. Incomplete applications will be filed and a letter sent. These files will be monitored and routinely progressed.

Dealing with routine correspondence relating to the RQMF

The RQMF will provide and maintain an Internet website. This website will contain basic information relating to the structure and purpose of the Register, registration forms for both masonry businesses and memorial fixers and include terms of registration for both categories.

  • Primarily the website will provide the free access gateway to the database of those businesses and their respective memorial fixers who meet the RQMF terms and qualifications for registration.

The Register has its own Complaints procedure. See Disciplinary, Complaints and Appeals Procedures

The Register has its own Discipline and Appeals procedure. See Disciplinary, Complaints and Appeals Procedures

The Register has its own Compliance Assessments procedure. See Compliance Assessments

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) will include free online Assessments and must be completed every 2 years and will be CPD accredited.

The Register will have an ‘Administration Committee’ 

This will be made up of (Click to see details of those appointees):

  • The NAMM Head Office (appropriate administrator)
  • National Executive Officer (RQMF Registrar)
  • A  representative from the NAMM Management
  • One representative from the General Council
  • A representative from the  NAMM Technical Committee.

The Register will also have an ‘Overseeing Body’

  • Made up of one non-NAMM fixer and one Burial Authority representative who meet a least annually or a when required with the RQMF Administration body in Rugby.

The Register is supported by the National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM) and the NAMM Code of Working Practice (BS 8415), and use the qualified and experienced NAMM Technical Committee and NAMM Technical Advisors to ensure the register is compliant to all current legislation as well as provide free Technical Advice to Burial Authorities.

As from April 2017 all Burial authorities will be offered free ‘Partnership’ of the Register of Qualified Memorial Fixers City and Guilds (RQMF).