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RQMF Complaints Procedure Summary

The RQMF complaints procedure will only deal with the fixing/erection of the memorial and compliance to BS8415 (NAMM Code of Working Practice)

If the RQMF fixer is also a NAMM Retail member the complaint can also be dealt with under the rules of NAMM membership.

The Burial Authority (or in certain circumstances the Member of the Public) should confirm in writing to the RQMF Administration Committee the exact nature of the complaint and if possible include photographs of the memorial.

The complaint will be forwarded to a NAMM Technical Advisor, it may be possible for the Technical Advisor to make an informed decision from the written report and photographs.

A report should then be written by the Technical Advisor and a copies of the report should be made available to the

  • RQMF Fixer
  • RQMF Business
  • RQMF Administration Committee
  • Burial Authority/Member of the Public.

A copy of the report will be placed on the RQMF file.

If not they will determine if a Compliance Assessment should be carried out by a NAMM City and Guilds Assessor.

Compliance Assessment Procedure will then apply.