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Business Requirements

Businesses, which are eligible and wish to be included on the NAMM Register shall have to submit certain information to the Registrar to meet the required criteria.

The Business may be a self-employed person or individual who shall engage in the fixing, re fixing or repair of memorial masonry: or an employee, of any business who may be required to engage in the fixing, re-fixing or repair of memorial masonry.

Once the business has submitted the relevant information and met the criteria, it shall be deemed as accredited and placed on the Register. The business must confirm the information or any changes to the information as and when it occurs.

The business must supply the following information to be included on the Register:

Please refer to the downloadable form NAMM Registration Business application form.

  • Business name and contact details of company or person/s engaged in the supply, fixing or repair of memorial masonry.
  • Confirmation that they have employee liability (£10 million minimum) and public liability (£5 million minimum) insurance cover.
  • Confirmation that they provide a Certificate of Compliance for each memorial fixed.
  • The names of those employed in the business that hold a relevant qualification in memorial masonry/fixing. (Minimum of 1 required)
  • Confirmation of the qualification/s held.  Eg. Copies of Certificates.
  • Confirmation of a risk assessment. Copy of Risk assessment documents
  • Confirmation of a Health and Safety Policy document for those companies employing five or more people. (HSE legal requirement).
  • Written agreement that all work shall be carried out in accordance with the NAMM Code of Working Practice and to the British Standard 8415.

Should a business require assistance with any of the required documents they should contact the NAMM Registrar.


There are exemptions to the above requirements.

Members of the National Association of Memorial Masons shall NOT be required to submit the following information on application or annually, as this is already a requirement of membership of that association.

  • Proof of business, employee or public liability insurance
  • Certificate of Compliance
  • Written agreement that all work shall be carried out to the specifications of the current NAMM Code of Working Practice.


*Businesses, which are registered, as members of NAMM, shall be allocated a unique NAMM membership registration number. This number should be quoted on the registration application form and on all correspondence with the Registrar.
(This information can be checked against the NAMM membership database)