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Compliance Assessments

  • RQMF will carry out random fixer compliance assessments at the discretion of the RQMF Administration Committee.)
  • A compliance assessment may also be carried out following a complaint from a Burial Authority or member of the public.

The cost of these assessments will be borne by the register unless the memorial(s) are found to be non-compliant with BS8415 (NAMM Code of Working Practice) then the full cost will be borne by the RQMF fixer.

A compliance assessment will be carried out by a non-business rival City and Guilds Qualified Assessor, to maintain their independence.

The compliance assessment may cover any memorial that has been erected under an RQMF licence.

It may include a visual assessment of an existing memorial or an assessment of the erection of a memorial.

The assessor may in certain circumstances require a memorial to be dismantled, to check that internal fixings are compliant to BS8415 (NAMM CoWP). If the memorial is found to be non-compliant the cost of re-fixing the memorial will be borne by the fixer, if the memorial is found to be compliant the cost of re-fixing the memorial will be borne by the Register.

All compliance assessments will be recorded and a copy of the report should be made available to the

  • RQMF Fixer
  • RQMF Business
  • RQMF Administration Committee
  • Burial Authority/Member of the Public

A copy of the report will be placed on the RQMF file.

The City and Guilds Assessor will primarily advise and coach any problem areas.

If in the opinion of the City and Guilds Assessor there has been a serious breach of BS8415 (NAMM CoWP) and a safety critical problem is encountered the assessor has the right to remove the RQMF licence immediately following the assessment process. The memorial must be left in a safe state and the fixer informed in writing exactly why their licence is being revoked and exactly what they need to do, this should be signed by both parties, with a copy left with the fixer.

RQMF discipline and appeals regulations will apply.