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Memorial Fixer Registration Schemes Explained

Fixer registration schemes have been part of Memorial fixing requirements for several years now and whilst ensuring a professional qualification and compliance to British Standard 8415 many people within the industry are still confused with the schemes and particularly the abbreviations used.

I have listed below some details that may help to explain the two main registration schemes.

  • The National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM) is a Trade Association; it is the only Trade Association for Memorial Masons and has been in existence since 1907.
  • The Register of Qualified Memorial Masons (RQMF) and The British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons (BRAMM) are simply fixer licence registration schemes.
  • RQMF and BRAMM are the two currently recognised fixer registration schemes which train and Assess fixers to erect Monoliths and Lawn Type memorials.
  • RQMF fixes memorials to BS8415 (NAMM CoWP)
  • BRAMM fixes memorials to the BRAMM Blue Book
  • The Ministry of Justice has recognised the value to our industry of there being two registration schemes RQMF and BRAMM with which a Memorial Mason may choose to register his or her qualification and it is important legally that the mason is allowed that choice.
  • To all intents the registration requirements are the same for both and information is held centrally and may be accessed through their respective websites.
  • No Mason should have to pay the cost of registering with both schemes; however, in the unfortunate event where a mason has to belong to both schemes, this is due to some Burial Authorities only accepting one scheme, rather than acknowledging nationally recognised registers.

NAMM is a not for profit organisation which quality assures the memorial industry and supplies nationally accredited Training courses. It also provides Technical Advice to various organisations as well as members of the public and Burial Authorities. NAMM members are part of an Association and individuals along with their business are fully assessed and are required to comply with strict membership criteria before they are allowed to become members of the Association. All our members have to abide by a Code of Ethics and Business Practice as well as work to BS 8415 which is supported by the NAMM Code of Working Practice, and supply a minimum 10 year guarantee with their work.

The RQMF and BRAMM registers do not have members, they are simply registers (lists) of approved fixers.

NAMM acknowledges the use of all recognised registers.

Philip Potts
National Executive Officer
National Association of Memorial Masons