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NAMM Assurance

NAMM AssuranceFor your Peace of Mind –

All Full Retail members of NAMM are highly skilled professional memorial masons who meet minimum standards of competency and guarantee to work to the NAMM Code of Business Practice and NAMM Code of Ethics.

Memorials are erected by members to “The NAMM Code of Working Practice” which is the accepted industry standard which is used by the majority of burial authorities in their regulations. All work for the erection of a memorial will be supported by a Certificate of Compliance, which assures you that the memorial was erected to the best practice, as detailed in the NAMM Code of Working Practice, current and in force at the time of erection.

In the event of a dispute you can call on the NAMM Arbitration and Conciliation Service. Please contact NAMM Head Office by e mail or telephone for further information.

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