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Memorial Specification Guide


This guide, which should be read in conjunction with the NAMM Code of Working Practice, is intended to help avoid ambiguity and misunderstanding in the British memorial industry.  Its aim is to improve communication between manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, cemetery and church authorities, and their customers.

NAMM Accredited Ground Anchors

NAMM are aware that attempts have currently been made by a company with ulterior commercial interests to discredit the NAMM Stability Device Accreditation. To set the record straight, NAMM have published the attached document, also drawing attention to the fact that video recordings of public demonstrations have been published where attempts to discredit NAMM accredited devices have been made. These tests did not install stability devices in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, or record device and test memorial dimensions.

The safety parameters established by NAMM and British Standards 8415 coupled with the NAMM accredited stability device manufacturers designs have resulted in no recorded cases of injury over 20 years, since the introduction of then NAMM Code of Working Practice requirements.

The National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM) –  Anchorage System Verification in accordance with BS 8415 Annex F Click to download