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What Materials and Design can I choose?

Cemeteries and Churchyards all have regulations governing the types of memorials, size and materials they will allow.

These will vary in all areas so it is sensible to check what is allowed in the burial ground where the memorial is to be placed before choosing a design. Your NAMM memorial mason will advise you on the regulations and guide you towards materials and designs which will be accepted.

In some cemeteries or Churchyards there may be special areas for the burial of cremated remains and there will be regulations on the size and style of memorial permitted. Your memorial mason will advise you on the regulations and show you the designs and materials which are acceptable.

Before a memorial may be erected in a cemetery or Churchyard written permission must be obtained from its management and their required fee paid. Your mason will tell you what fees are required and complete the necessary forms for you.

When you have chosen a memorial it is important to obtain a written estimate clearly setting out the full details. This should include:

  • The memorial design, the size, the material, the finish of the material (i.e. Part polished, All polished, honed or eggshell finish, if it is granite. Fine rubbed if it is a limestone. The finish to the edges of the headstone and base, whether they are to be rustic (natural and pitched) or to be the same finish as the face of the headstone)
  • The inscription and the style and finish of the lettering. Whether you require space to remain for a further inscription at a later date.
  • Any ornamentation and the finish or carving, the installation of the memorial on proper foundation, the VAT and the burial authority fee.
  • Please note that lettering and ornamentation can be hand carved, sand blasted or machine carved. These options and the different types of stone available all vary in price. If you obtain estimates from more than one company do check carefully to make sure you really are comparing like with like.


When you place your order you may be asked to pay a deposit, with the balance of the agreed price payable later.

Before signing to confirm your instructions it is important to check the inscription to ensure the spelling of names, the dates and the text you have chosen are correct. Any alterations should be confirmed with you in writing.