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Memorial Inscriptions

Alphabet CircleThe inscription is the most important part of a memorial. It is your personal tribute which tells future generations about the person you are lovingly commemorating.

The name is inscribed in the largest size letters and that size will be determined by the available width of the memorial. The dates, and any heading you choose, are then inscribed in a proportionate smaller size.

The text is possibly the most difficult for you to choose, so careful thought about what you want to include and talking with relatives and friends may help. You may wish to describe their character, their interests, hobbies or their work.

This would leave more personal information for future generations to see. You may wish to say how they were perceived by all who knew them, or you may simply wish to record their name and dates.

The inscription you choose will complete the memorial and its appearance will be enhanced by taking advice on the style of lettering to be used and the finish applied to define the letters. Your memorial mason should be able to show you a printed example of how the inscription will be set out on the memorial.

  • Please note that, unless you give specific and written instructions about how you would like the inscription to be set out, this will be left to the letter carver.

It is important to bear in mind that the availability of the chosen material, the complexity of the design and the ground conditions will affect the time the memorial will take to complete and install. If you have a particular date in mind that you want the memorial in place for you should let your mason know this at the start to ensure your requirements can be met.

  • It is important that you are aware that it is you, and not the management of the cemetery or Churchyard, who is responsible for the maintenance of the memorial. It is therefore wise to ensure it is checked regularly and to consider memorial insurance
  • Please see the details regarding memorial insurance.