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Child Slavery – Bonded Labour

Bonded labour is effectively slavery. People, often children, work to pay off family debt.

Interest rates are so high the debt is never repaid and the people involved can spend a lifetime in bonded labour because the debt is passed down from generation to generation.

In response to this very real problem NAMM General Council have agreed a positive action initiative and invited all NAMM Wholesalers to contribute.

To highlight their support NAMM Wholesale members have been invited to submit a written undertaking that they buy granite from sources that do not use child or bonded labour.

“Everyone at NAMM fully supports the banning of child labour or bonded labour in any quarry or factory”.

To view the undertakings, click on the links below;

A & J Robertson (Granite) Ltd

Frank England & Co Ltd

George Willcox (Granite) Ltd

Odlings Limited

R Pascoe & Sons

Strongs Memorials Ltd