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NAMM Membership Types

Join NowFull Retail and Wholesale Members, being individuals or firms substantially engaged in memorial masonry and having premises and stocks suitable for the trade.

Overseas Members, being individuals or firms supplying stone or memorials from overseas to the United Kingdom.

Overseas Affiliate Members,* being overseas retail memorial masons wishing to keep in contact with the Association.

Affiliate Members,* being memorial retailers who, having no masonry department of their own, always use a local Full Retail Member of NAMM for all their memorial work.

Company Associate Members,* being individuals or firms supplying tools, equipment or services to the trade.

Individual Associate Members,* being persons not engaged in the trade but having a particular interest in it.

Corporate Associate Members,* being burial authorities and other groups or organisations of a similar nature which are deemed acceptable.

*Note: These members do not have voting rights.