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Services Provided to NAMM Members

Benefits from NAMMBusiness advice – to augment the legal advice helpline the Association periodically circulates information to members on changes to the law and health & safety issues so that you are always up to date.

Technical information – free advice including support from our Technical Working Group so that you can argue from strength.

Promotion – available through the Association are various promotional items to show your NAMM membership in your premises and on vehicles. Also advertise in Yellow Pages under the NAMM logo.

Ten regions covering the UK – regional meetings give members an opportunity to discuss common problems and areas of success. Some regions also have sub-regional meetings for those members who are particularly interested in very local issues and are looking for a joint approach.

Relationships with the Church and the Burial Authorities

NAMM constantly interfaces with the Church and the Burial Authorities particularly in relation to regulations helping to improve the choice for the bereaved, which benefits the mason, and ensuring the mason has an adequate input.

National Training

NAMM has developed a two year NVQ based course in memorial masonry, to help maintain the skills base within the trade.

Technical standards

NAMM has developed a Recommended Code of Working Practice which is being adopted progressively by burial authorities to control activities within their burial grounds. This has resulted in the British Standards BS8415 – Specification for Memorials and Monuments in Burial Grounds.

Trade exhibitions and annual conference

NAMM organise an annual conference for members and sponsor trade exhibitions including the Craftex Competition Awards to promote the craft element within the industry.

Government and national organisations

NAMM works closely with both IBCA, CBA and other relevant trade associations for the benefit of its membership and the bereaved. NAMM is an active member of the Memorial Awareness Board (MAB), the CBA and the Council of British Funeral Services. Also NAMM has recently been involved in advising the Department of Transport and Local Government Regions as part of their Burial and Cremation Advisory Group.

The International Monument Federation

NAMM’s membership enables it to draw on the expertise of other similar associations from various parts of the world. Every NAMM member is entitled to display an IMF membership certificate.


NAMM represents the UK within this European federation of the natural stone and memorial masonry associations.