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NAMM’s commitment to Burial Authorities

CemeteryMemorial stability and safety is a key area of concern for both Burial Authorities and NAMM. NAMM is keen to recognise the responsibilities that all Burial Authorities have and work with the authorities to ensure that their burial grounds are safe areas for the public. With the creation of the Code of Working Practice and subsequently British Standard 8415, NAMM has taken the lead on ensuring that masons are aware of the responsibility they have in creating safe cemeteries. By insisting that masons work to the Code of Working Practice and thereby ensuring that memorials are fixed to BS8415 you can prove to insurance companies that you are taking all reasonable steps to ensure public safety within you burial grounds. NAMM is also committed to ensuring the Association is involved in all aspects of the bereavement industry and keeps abreast with requirements for the future and to work with Burial Authorities.

The following list shows some of the direct benefits that NAMM offers to burial authorities:

  • Assurance of NAMM Members to Burial Authorities
  • NAMM tests products to ensure that they meet the requirements of BS8415
  • NAMM is able to provide support in the form of experienced masons or technical advisor on matters such as
    • Technical issues
    • Cemetery regulations
    • Memorial quality and consistency
  • NAMM is involved throughout the industry from its official seat on British Standards, consultations with the Ministry of Justice on Memorial Safety Guidelines and its involvement on BCAG
  • NAMM Register of Qualified Memorial Fixers ensures that masons have suitable industry qualifications with the backing of NAMM’s free arbitration service should disputes arise
  • NAMM offers a free arbitration service if you have a dispute with a member mason or a member of the public (contact Head Office if you require more information)